CalTravel retains Political Solutions, LLC, one of the Capitol’s top lobbying firms, as its consultant in Sacramento. We work closely with consultants Tami Miller and Michelle Reyes to protect and further tourism’s interests effectively.


Tami Miller

Founding Partner, Political Solutions, LLC

A founding partner of Political Solutions, Sacramento native Tami Miller brings a strong understanding of the business world to lobbying. Having worked in lobbying and legislative advocacy all of her professional life, Ms. Miller knows that it is crucial to be educated and vigilant about her clients’ issues and proactive in advancing their agenda, while also keeping them well-informed about California’s ever-changing legislative and political environment.

Ms. Miller’s extensive experience in the business sector enables her to effectively humanize complex legislative issues, and as a result, achieve critical policy and regulatory goals important to the industry. Before launching Political Solutions, Ms. Miller worked as a legislative advocate for over a decade, lobbying on behalf of the tourism industry, agricultural interests, and land development.

Additionally, she previously directed the government affairs department at a large trade association, where she handled political communications and public relations, and worked on a wide range of policy issues. Ms. Miller was also responsible for hiring and directly working with the association’s contract lobbyist, giving her valuable perspective and high standards as to what Political Solutions’ clients should expect and deserve from their legislative advocate.

Ms. Miller’s career in California politics began more than twenty years ago, when she joined the law firm of Biddle and Hamilton as a lobbyist. Her areas of expertise include land use, tourism, insurance and utilities, and she is continuously building upon her vast network within the lobbying community and legislative arena.


Political Solutions, LLC
1414 K Street, Suite 400
Sacramento CA 95814
(916) 492-2766

As a member of CalTravel, I am professionally inspired by the organization’s innovative approach to integrate advocacy, collaboration, and education in all they do. From the critical work facilitated by CalTravel’s advocacy partners - Political Solutions, to the successful efforts of the Ambassador Program, the organization ensures California’s travel industry voice is ever present supporting the collective tourism issues affecting our state’s economy, communities, infrastructure, and environment.
— Richard Peterson - President & CEO, US Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council