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Alongside experienced lobbyists, CalTravel works to increase the tourism industry’s visibility while generating support for policies that protect and advance the interests of its members. By advocating to the state legislature, local and federal officials, businesses and the public, we address a host of concerns that affect our state’s tourism industry both directly and indirectly.

We keep our members informed about the bills that matter most to our industry, and take an official position on ones we strongly support or oppose. Visit our VoterVoice Action Center for a full list of bills we’ve taken positions on this legislative session.


  • Protecting our funding models: We have seen legal and political challenges to our funding models, charging that they should be considered a tax and therefore be subject to a 2/3 vote, or should be used for purposes other than what the contributors determine.

  • Ensuring a level playing field: Our industry embraces innovation, but we also want to keep a level playing field for our established businesses. We want to be sure that innovators are complying with safety and labor laws and that they pay their fair share, such as fees to airports for access, and TOT.

  • Competing for visitors:  The 4 a.m. bill, SB 905, which we support, is a pilot program to allow 9 cities to extend sales of alcohol at bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to as late as 4 a.m. With local support, we would like to see cities that cater to international visitors and compete with other cities around the world be able to test it.

  • Providing a positive visitor experience: One of the hurdles we face as an industry is the persistent homelessness crisis across the state in spite of the efforts that have been made to date. It is not safe for visitors, employees, residents or the homeless to have people living on our streets.

  • Promoting tourism job creation: As employers, we sometimes struggle with “job-killer” legislation that imposes hardships particularly for our smaller employers, and that discourages increased hiring and investment.

  • Advocating for common sense regulation: We oppose legislation in which we feet the negatives of cost, visitor experience and increased regulation offset the proposed benefit.


*2019 Member Issues Survey

*2019 Member Issues Survey

Cannery Row Company is a proud member and sponsor of the California Travel Association. The efficiency and effectiveness on behalf of the California tourism industry is a model of trade association excellence. Political Solutions, working with the superb CalTravel staff and volunteer leadership, is a stellar partner in advocating for the priorities of the tourism industry.
— Dianne Mandeville - VP of Marketing, Cannery Row Company & The Sardine Factory